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Our offerings

Servitor offers wide range of services to any serviceable outlet. Digitizing the offline, brick and mortar stores and empowering them through technology to have a better reach and scalability. 

Customized Web Applications

That’s right! An application built specially for your store and restaurant. We take care of your theme, colors and basically everything that makes your outlet well, yours. Don’t worry we do not charge hefty upfront fee. Our prices start from INR 249/month

Your store, your money

We believe in creating a middleman free environment . Whatever amount that flows through your personal Payment gateway, will directly be credited in your account in real time. It’s like customer handed over the cash to you. We do not come in between your store operations. You guessed it right! 0% commissions.

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No App Model and customized QR codes


Customers do not need to download any app to access your store. Aren’t we all tired of downloading things. By just scanning the QR codes from their phone camera, they may have entire virtual dine-in, QSR, or outlet experience. With end-to-end functionality

Branding and Marketing

Your Customized web Application shall contain your logo, theme colors, social media links. So while customer is exploring your offerings, they may see your social media game

GST and other compliances

Paying your CAs hefty charges for monthly and quarterly compliance filings? At servitor, we offer you these services at no additional costs. It's part of our contactless service offerings. It includes Payroll and PF management of your employees as well.

Own the discounts

Your store, your app. We leave everything at your discretion. Oh! table 7 is celebrating their b'day? go ahead give them a discounted treat. Items out of stock? deactivate the item. We leave it upto you, how you choose to run your outlet.

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