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Globalised cloud platform with business intelligence support

Digitizing the order placing experience including the modifiers and add-on services to increase the impulsive sales, also to eliminate the existing massive miscommunication between front staff and back staff

Reducing the labor cost and dependability to increase the efficiency and overall experience, Eliminating the queues formed at QSRs, Cafeterias and foodtrucks by building a one of its kind technological platform using a 2 Dimensional code system.

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One stop payment solution of trusted checks and table reconciliation, Reporting System for tracking the performance with different breakdowns like day, month, year

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Pre order

Track the user to welcome with his delicious order.

Visual Dine In

Pre Book the dine, Make it occupied always

GST Filling

Get all your GST system done with our experts

Quality Results
We believe quality as customer needs, all the aspects of user needs are taken care with cutting edge technologies and with your user experience team for even more splendied results.
In various levels of the process, data are filtered based on customer or business suggestions are provided. Reports on sales by different break down, difference in break down are provided in graphical representaion which is dowloadable.
Affordable Pricing
Contact servitor's sales for getting your quote and start enjoying your initial free subscriptions. sales@servitor.in
Easy To Use
Easy user interfaces, for counter kitchen and counter app based on the requirements. We also provide customised store based user interface.
Free Support
We are there 24/7 to stay in touch with you, for your clarifications. support@servitor.in / 6366272727
Continuous Roll outs
Understanding user needs and feedback, bugs tracked, problem faced, app is continuously upgraded with new rollouts

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